Monday, May 20, 2019
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Thread: mTrax Questions, Requests and Suggestions / Time units - Need more digits displayed for lengthy audio tracks

Time units - Need more digits displayed for lengthy audio tracks
I was happy to find that it is possible to play audio tracks of DVD's. I have a couple of Homespun Instruction tapes that I converted to be played on my IPod. mTrax "sees" these videos and is able to play the audio track. These videos are long (almost two hours). Now if I wanted to add a section I noticed that the start point can only disply 3 digits (before the decimal). I need at least 4 digits. I also noticed that the program can handle lengthy audio tracks. After reaching 999 second the display starts over at 001 (which actually is 1001). Would it be possible to display more digits in these start and end point positioners?

Re: Time units - Need more digits displayed for lengthy audio tracks

Hello Christian,

Great suggestion! I do myself have a few very long mp3s (1+ hours) but worked around the problem mainly using the Start & End Point scroll bars.

Look for a fix in the next release ( the current release is version

Barring any problem, the next release should be available within 3 weeks.

Thanks again!