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Tuesday, July 27, 2021
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*** "It is a great product (and so much better than the r**f*ma*ter!)!!"

*** "I'm really getting into mTrax. I've got over 200 banjo songs all set up and I like how easy it is to navigate to where I want to be and how easy it ..."

*** "Wow, does this work great! I love the new Slice feature – it works flawlessly… 10x faster than the previous method – in one quick listen through ..."

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Thread: mTrax Questions, Requests and Suggestions / How can I migrate my mTrax data from my old XP computer to my new Vista/Windows 7 machine?

How can I migrate my mTrax data from my old XP computer to my new Vista/Windows 7 machine?

I just bought a new laptop to replace my aging XP laptop. The new one has Windows 7.

XP and W7 use different paths to user files -

XP uses C:\Documents and Settings\<UserName>\Documents\TerraSofta\mTrax\_AppData

and C:\Documents and Settings\<UserName>\Documents\My Music

Vista and W7 use C:\Users\<UserName>\Documents\TerraSofta\mTrax\_AppData and C:\Users\<UserName>\My Music

Is there a way to migrate the database to a new machine. I don't  want to have to redo all of my sections.

Re: How can I migrate my mTrax data from my old XP computer to my new Vista/Windows 7 machine?

Hi Scott,

Congrats on your new W7 laptop!

As of now there is no utility to migrate your old mTrax database to your new computer. But if you send me both the old and the new mTrax.sdf files (named differently, one newmTrax.sdf and the other oldmTrax.sdf), i will scan them and move sections from the old to the new DB.

Before sending your mTrax data files:

Move all your music from the old to the new laptop. and re-create your libraries on your new laptop. If all went well, you should have the same setup on your new laptop, same (number of) songs ect, except with no sections.

That should be enough info for me to develop some type of migration utility.

please send your mTrax data files (mTrax.sdf) to i'll get to it as soon as i have a free moment!






-- 9/10/2010 5:20:48 AM: post edited by centralscrutinizer.

Re: How can I migrate my mTrax data from my old XP computer to my new Vista/Windows 7 machine?

Hello all,

Thanks to Scott's post, i have started developing a utility for migrating mTrax data (sections etc) from one machine to another. So if you are upgrading to a new computer, let me know at; i will help you migrate your mTrax data so you won't have to re-create all you sections and other track-related data.

Eventually, this utility will be available for download.

Thank you!

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