Monday, January 22, 2018
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Thread: mTrax Questions, Requests and Suggestions / Attachments to Song Sections

Attachments to Song Sections

I love mTrax.

I'd love to see a new feature allowing "Attachments to Song Sections".

For example, clicking on an optional link by the section name would open an attached Chord chart, Transcription, Tab, Music lesson etc, in it's default application ( jpeg viewer, notepad. etc).

Even cooler, having a jpeg or text viewer inside mTrax, which opens attachments quickly in a dockable viewing window, with an option to have them open automatically as their sections play back.

Such a feature would make mTrax an even more incredible practice tool and allow lessons or other reference material to be structured in. 

Thanks for a great product. Richard C.

Re: Attachments to Song Sections

Hello Richard,

Thank you for your nice comments.

There is a feature similar to the one you are describing currently available in mTrax; it is called the "mTrax Document Manager" and you can access it by right-clicking a track or a section. The 'Manage Document' option lets you add or delete document entries and the 'Show Documents' option lets you access the document attachments that you have created. These attachments can be web pages or videos from the Internet, or local documents like word documents or jpeg images saved on your computer. The following picture shows how to access these options:

mTrax Document Manager

I am sure this feature can be improved and made more user-friendly for example; I'll keep your comments in mind when the Document Manager is revisited for improvement.

I hope the current version of the Document Manager will do the trick.

Thank you for your suggestion,


Re: Attachments to Song Sections
You can also access Trax Documents from the Trax Explorer as of version 2.8.7