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mTrax Users Testimonials

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Posted by: centralscrutinizer, on 4/5/2008, in category "mTrax Users Testimonials"
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Abstract: A collection of Comments left by current mTrax users. Thanks!
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    James B., Toledo, Ohio USA
  • "Two very exceptional products"
    You have a two very exceptional products in mTrax Music Trainer and DrummaTicks.
    I have been playing banjo for less than a year. I practice using mTrax Music Trainer and DrummaTicks every day. These music training tools have definitely shorten my learning curve. They have helped me learn even complex songs quickly and accurately. My timing, speed, accuracy, progress, and playing confidence is far beyond where I should be at this point -- and rapidly improving.
    I highly recommend these tools to anyone who wants to play music well.
    Thank you for a great product, great service, and a great value!

    Bill Davis
    Corpus Christi, Texas
  • "Best program for musicians of any level"
    First off I have to say this is the best program for musicians of any level from beginner to advanced. The program was written very intuitively so all the features a practicing musician needs are right there at your finger tips. But what makes this company outstanding is their tech support. I was having some trouble configuring mTrax into my system. So I wrote an email to the support people and within a few hours I received an answer to my question. Pierre from mTrax contacted me and said he could help me with my problem and that it would be easier to do it over the phone and wanted to know if he could call me in the morning. I was amazed! Any other time I have needed tech support from other companies I call the line, sit on hold for a half an hour or more and then find out the company has farmed out their tech support out to India and I can barely understand what they are trying to tell me. But not with this company! Pierre called me the next day just like he said, got me through my issues and finished up with a nice conversation about our musical interests. So I have to say that this is a company that truly cares about their customers and want their software users to be happy with their products. So if anyone out there is on the fence about purchasing a program like this, look no further. The software is great, the price is right and you cannot put a price on tech support like this. And in case you are wondering I do not work for this company, I was just blown away that they really care about the people who spend money on their products.
    Thank you,
    Scott Geocaris
    Chicago IL
  • "The program is great for practicing and lots of fun!"
    I just purchased mTrax and had some glitches getting it installed and up and running. Unbelievably they called me at home and spent an hour going thru the set ups and key points of the program. WOW. I told them "only you and Sears still give service." What a pleasure to actually have someone help with tech issues without going thru phone trees, waiting times, etc etc. and to top it off, the program is great for practicing and lots of fun. Thanks.

    William Rosen,  NH, USA, Guitarist
  • "mTrax is a wonderful tool for all skill levels"
    Perfect for Banjo lessons. I chop the method book lessons that come with CDs and "chop" the songs into small pieces. As I practice to improve speed and ability, it's easy to change the starting and end points and playback speed in mTrax to include more measures of the song. mTrax is very powerful with great features that make practice enjoyable and rewarding. I especially like tackling the hard solos because you can readily hear the improvement in speed and ability and adjust mTrax to "push" yourself to higher performance levels. mTrax is a wonderful tool for all skill levels.

    J.O. Savannah, GA 
  • "Definitely a five star program!"
    This is definitely a five star program.  It provides what you need from the simplest slow downer to more complex organization.  I particularly like that a library can be created in more than one way.  Rather than use my entire "music" folder, I prefer to just use relevant folders in it.  I love the filters!!  I use Excel so am very comfortable with how they work.  Another feature that works better than the last program I had, is setting the pitch.  It is very easy to change keys.  It even has a timer for practicing!  But probably the biggest selling feature for me is that it is all there everytime I come back.  In the past I had to save each piece I slowed down, which was cumbersome.  Now I just go to the "sections" I want and it is there.  And last but not least, I have found the support excellent both by email and forum.

    M LaFleur,  Grande Prairie, Alberta Canada 
  • "Congratulations on your superior product!"
    I have sung and played keyboard in a church worship context for many years now, and I have spent hours trying out different music practice programs, and mTrax was, in my opinion, head and shoulders above the rest.  I have already recommended it to several of my friends to check out.

    Marshall L., California 
  • "Went from 100 BPM to 160 BPM in 2-3 weeks!"
    I am a SERIOUS intermediate Banjo player and need help in speeding up my picking through some difficult and fast paced TABS. Terrasoft was the answer!! Went from 100 BPM to 160 BPM in 2-3 weeks on the same TAB pieces.
    You can actually slow the audio down without losing pitch, play along, speed up as you gain proficiency--all in an affordable and easy to use package. My "thank you" goes out to the Terrasoft crew--a job well done!!!

    Bill Bultman
    Deering Sierra--Maple
    New Providence, NJ
  • "The BEST thing I've used to change Tempo/Pitch"
    I heard about mTrax on one of the many guitar sites I visit,can't remember which one tho. None of that matters because of  the excellence of this product. I have used other devices that claim  to do what this does but they seemed lacking a bit when it came to  ease of use.
    This is the BEST thing I've used to change tempo/pitch or  Pitch/tempo. I am an active player playing in a working  contemporary  christian band and this product is an enormous help! I got excited  when i saw you can actually break down a song into its different parts ie intro,lead,outro. Then slow them down as much as you need. If your  tired of clicking that mouse over and over to get back to that part of  the song your figuring out then you need this product. 
    5 STARS and a  power chord!!

    - Clark (Florida)
  • "This is THE BEST tool for people learning music!"
    Being a professional musician of 20+ years, I have seen a lot of musical gadgets and tools available to help guitarists speed up, slow down and learn music. There are quite a few out there! Just when I decided to search again, I found mTrax!
    This is THE BEST tool for people learning music! I play a lot of cover songs and not all of them are precisely tuned to 440! I used to tune my guitar to the various songs I needed to learn. mTrax allows me to set sepcific pitches per song and for as many songs as I need to. All at different pitches too! Now, I can practice 10 songs all with slightly different pitches without tuning my guitar. Also, within the same tool I can slow down the song and maintain pitch to learn those fast, difficult passages! Just when that is not enough, I can also segment/seperate all of the solos for each song as a segment and go directly to them without searching through the song.
    Thanks Terrasofta! I finally found an all-in-one practice tool which FULLY meets my needs.

    - Ken B (North Carolina)

    I have searched for many products to help me learn songs, and this is by far the best I have used.  If you think retuning your guitar is hard try retuning a grand piano to songs slightly off 440, I really didn't but you know what I mean.  Easy to use and manage means more time practicing and less time messing with the computer.  Being able to save certain sections of the song, like the piano solo, makes my practice time more effective, again less time messing with the computer and settings and more time practicing.  This product was well thought out and well developed.  I am going to recommend mTrax to my band mates.

    Russ B (California)

  • "I strongly recommend it ..."
    I have searched for a simple, easy to use product for a long time as I have been playing music now for almost 40 years.  I’ve been through countless machines only to end up frustrated and pissed off because they don’t deliver on the promise.  And, lets not forget the constant burning of CD’s so I can practice my songs.
    mTrax simplified my life. It’s easy to use and more importantly, it’s flexible or customizable to meet my practice needs.  Having the ability to break down a song into bit-size chunks so I can learn difficult sections is a snap.  And, the program saves them so I only have to do them once. 
    The looping capability allows me to adjust the tempo to my practice or learning requirements.  And, while my goal is to get up to actual song tempo, I can control how quickly I get there by setting the loops to pick up tempo on each cycle.  No stopping or pushing buttons and trying to get the back where I need to on the CD to practice the section again.  And, with the equalizer I’m able to focus on my instruments.  I can’t say enough about mTrax.
    I strongly recommend it to anyone who’s looking for an easy to use product that lets you spend your time practicing and not messing with technology.

    Angelo P , CA

  • "This software is truly a find..."
    I have considered various guitar trainers in the past, and wanted a tool that would be easy to use, and accommodate any music that I wanted to learn.  mTrax was a perfect answer for me.  The software recognizes my music on my computer, and allows me to select the songs I want to learn.  There are many features that make mTrax stand out as a trainer.  My favorite is the tempo and pitch controls allowing me to adjust the song to my tuning and then to slow down sections of the song to focus on specific parts.  The looping feature allows me to really work on parts until I got them down. 
    This software is truly a find for anyone that wants to become a better player and to learn desired songs at their own pace. 

    I am thrilled to finally find software like this !!

    - DSC (Massachusetts)

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